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Become a better runner, with a little help from our friends.
Bart Yasso
Chief Running Officer of Runner's World, Best Selling Author
Dr. Jack Daniels
World's Best Running Coach (According to Runner's World), Olympic Medalist
Amby Burfoot
1988 Boston Marathon Winner, Running Hall of Fame Member, Former Editor and Chief of Runner's World
Jeff Galloway
All-American, Olympian, Creator of the Run-Walk Method, Best Selling Author
Dave McGillivary
B.A.A Boston Marathon Race Director (since 1981). Founder of DSME Sports
Greg McMillian
Exercise Physiologist, Certified Running Coach, Bestselling Author
Jenny Hadfield
Runner's World Columunist: Ask Coach Jenny, Certified Running Coach, Best-Selling Author
Matt Fitzgerald
Award winning journalist, Best selling author, Certified Running Coach and nutritionist
Dr. Irene Davis
Director of the Spaulding National Running Center at Harvard, Former President of the American Society of Biomechanics
Dr. Stacy Sims
Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist, Chief Research Officer of OSMO
Dr. Owen Anderson
Doctorate in Physiology, Journalist and Best Selling Author, Developed the ground breaking "Neural System" for running.
Dr. Jim Taylor
Ph.D., Psychology; internationally recognized authority on the psychology of sport
Dr. Bill Pierce
Co-Founder of the Furman Institute of Running and Scientific Training, Best Selling Author
Dr. David Asp
May Clinic Licensed Psychologist, Specializes in Visualization and Mental Preparation, Coach
Ian Sharman
Grand Slam of Ultraunning record holder, Certified Running Coach, Director of US Skyrunner Series
Mike Wardian
USATF Ultra Runner of the Year (2008-2011), World Record Holder, 2:17:49 Marathoner
Mirna Valerio
Author of "Fat Girl Running", ultra marathoner who is breaking stereotypes
Mario Fraioli
Senior Editor at Competitor Magazine, Best-selling Author, Elite Coach
Alex Hutchinson
Physicist and National-Class Runner, Columnist of Sweat Science and Best Selling Author
Eric Orton
Coaching star of Born to Run, author, Marmot athlete
Julian Goater
Former Elite Athlete, Certified Coach, Bestselling Author
Travis Macy
Professional endurance athlete, best selling author
Matt Elliot
America's Fastest Kindergarden Teacher,
3:54.70 (Mile), 3:36.60 (1500m), 13:44.30 (5K)
Pete Magill
Competitive Masters Runner and Certified Coach, Best Selling Author, Founder of The Running Corps
Luke Humphrey
2:14 Marathoner, Brooks Runner, Hanson Running Coach, Olympic Trials Qualifer
Jason Fitzgerald
2:39 Marathoner, Certified Coach, Best selling author
Jeff Gaudette
All American in cross-country, Competed professionally, Founder of
Angie Spencer
Certified Coach and Run, 
Co-founder of
Denny Krahe
Certified Running and Conditioning Coach, blogger & podcaster at
Doug Hay
Trail Runner, Certified Coach, Podcaster and blogger at
Coach GP
Coach, Author of Run Tall, Run Easy @runtallruneasy
Video Interviews
Get access to our 30+ interviews in video format.
Get our fully transcribed interviews in PDF format to read at your leisure.
Q&A with Coach Trey
Get access to our certified running coach Trey Brush and get answers to your specific running questions.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Within the first 30 days after the end of the summit you can get your money back.  No questions asked.  Send us an email if you have any questions [email protected]

During the summit, we will dive deep into our speakers stories and the specific training secrets that have allowed them to hit their goals. The Running summit will help your running in 4 main areas:
Do you struggle with getting out the door in the morning? We will dive into specific ways you can stay motivated throughout your training.
How do you fuel during training, before a race and during it? What's the best recovery nutrition? We dive into these questions and more!
Faster & Further
Do you have a time goal for 2016? Do you want to finish a new race distance? We find out the best ways to run faster and further.
Injury Prevention
If you run there is a really good chance you will get injured. Find out the best ways to prevent injuries as well as recover faster.
Trey is a runner and certified running coach with a desire to help create change in others.  He lost 80 pounds on his journey from a watcher in life to a doer.  

His passion for running and creating change led him from the couch to marathons and ultramarathons.  He is a husband and father of 2 boys living in Jefferson, GA
Brandon has run a marathon and walked another.  He comes to running with a beginner mindset and has helped to produce and direct 100+ races across the country with thousands of participants.

Brandon loves interacting with runners at races and diving into ways to help them improve by connecting them with increadible reasources.
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